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The modern world requires increasing amounts of secure power, but as we transition towards cleaner energy we will need a mixture of solutions. The challenges caused by renewable power were never foreseen when the grid was designed and built 50 years ago, but now they must be met. Flexible capacity is expected to increase by nearly 340% over the next 20 years and around half of this will be reciprocating engines with an estimated 11GW operational by 2030, so the installations Green Frog develop, build and manage are central to the energy transition process.

The UK government has a strong commitment to sustainable energy sources. Solar and wind are each prone to unpredictable drops in output, such as when the wind suddenly falls or clouds cover the sun. When this happens, the grid needs replacement energy to plug the gaps and keep the lights on.

Our first gas-powered balancing plant was built in just three months in 2015. With new software and new engineering, it was the blueprint for the next generation of balancing plant operated by Green Frog. Over the past two years we have built over £150 million worth of new gas plants across the UK. These natural gas plants can start and be online in 30 seconds, which is unique in the global market. Just as importantly, they can be started and stopped repeatedly without an impact on the equipment.

Since the Paris climate conference, the world is set on a carbon-reduction path by whatever viable means. The constant watchword, however, has to be reliability. Public confidence and business performance both rely on consistency of supply.

Key Facts

  • Given the unpredictability of renewable power generation, the grid needs very fast replacement energy to plug the gaps and keep your lights on
  • We provide localised solutions, which employ as-powered plant
  • Over the past two years we have built £150 million worth of new plant nationwide
  • The UK’s National Grid trusts us with a critical role in balancing the system.

Latest News

£100million raised to build new power stations

8th May 2018

Funding secured by Green Frog Power – from Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking, HSBC and NIBC Bank – will finance 11 new gas-fuelled sites to be built across the UK, from Plymouth to Newcastle. Once online, the power stations will help ensure the UK’s energy resilience, allowing renewable sources to contribute more power to the grid.


Zero injuries onsite in over 20,000 hours worked

6th February 2018

Our latest 20MW embedded gas plant, at Cattedown Business Park in Plymouth, was completed ahead of time, with zero injuries.

Working closely with Green Frog Connect, the project was completed to tight timescales after winning a capacity market obligation in National Grid’s Early Auction on 3rd February 2017, for delivery by October 2017. Located on a challenging site, the plant occupies a site previously utilised as a tip for building material and a quarry. Despite the tight timescales, the site was generating and available for export from mid-September, and is now available to respond to Capacity Market Warnings issued by National Grid.